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We just came across a really great post about ideas for window treatments. Here’s an excerpt:

Whether you’re dressing up an interior to accentuate the views or aiming to lower energy costs, there are window treatment ideas to suit every style, budget, and window shape. Transitioning through the seasons offers the perfect opportunity to update or modify current window coverings by using imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.

Energy saving ideas

The changing seasons often bring drastic alterations in temperatures. Reducing the heating and cooling loss from your home can help lower your energy bills and maintain indoor comfort. Thankfully, energy-saving window treatment ideas have evolved far beyond heavy, lined curtains and are now adaptable to all types of interior design.

Drapes – The right color and fabric weight drapes are highly effective in insulating a home’s interior against heat loss in cold weather and heat gain in hot weather. To receive the most benefit from drapes, hang them close to the window and if possible, all the way from the ceiling to the floor to insure a tight seal when closed.

Blinds – When you desire adjustable ventilation, privacy, and light, exterior or interior blinds are an ideal energy-saving solution. This type of window treatment on a sunny window reduces heat gain by almost 50 percent when lowered. When open, blinds allow in sunlight and heat to banish cooler temperatures.

Read the entire post, here.

A really great place to start in terms of window treatment ideas is Hunter Douglas. See their latest special, here.

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