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If you are in love with the structure of a piece of furnishing in your home, however you are not in love with the fabric, a slipcover can make a great solution. A slipcover can also change the look and feel of a space with a smaller investment than buying new pieces.  Here are some interior decorating ideas that include using slipcovers to mix up your space.

How You Can Spice up Your Existing Furnishings

When talking slipcovers, you will most likely want to look past the covers you can buy premade, these slipcovers may not offer the right fit you are looking for. They also are not very versatile when it comes to colors and styles. Custom slipcovers however give you the chance to have a cover that is made to fit a specific piece. Like any slipcovers these covers are removable so that they can easily be switched out or taken off for cleaning. By customizing your slipcovers you can also choose the fabric and styling that suits your tastes. No more having to settle for an ill fitting cover that was not really what you were looking for in the first place.

Here are some interior decorating ideas for custom slipcovers, that you may want to consider, to help change the look and feel of your furnishings.

Pillows or Cushions –  Custom slipcovers are not just for chairs. You can choose to coordinate with the fabric on your favorite sofa or chair, or you can add an instant splash of color. Custom slipcovers can be made to fit your current cushions or pillows, so that you can keep your current comfortable cushions and add the style you want.

Sofas – If you are looking to redecorate but you love the feel of your current sofa, a slipcover can be a great solution. This is especially true when the sofa you have is in good condition. Why throw away a perfectly good and comfortable sofa, just because it doesn’t fit your new style. Instead have custom slipcovers made and add all of your favorite style elements, alongside a beautiful fabric that fits in perfectly with your new style.

Chairs – Whether it is a Wingback chair or a set of dining chairs, custom slipcovers can help your home’s look blend seamlessly from room to room. Perhaps you are looking to match the simple white of your sofa, bringing a soft flow throughout your home, or maybe you are looking for a bright pattern to complement your existing space. Fabric is so versatile and can offer you the chance to design a whole space around that favorite piece of fabric.

Ottomans – If you have an ottoman that you tend to hide away because it just feels outdated, or the fabric is worn from all the objects that get placed on it, it may be time for a slipcover. You can indeed transform an ottoman’s complete style with a custom slipcover.  Whether you want to add a skirt to your ottoman, or you are looking to take a skirt away for cleaner lines, a custom slipcover can provide you with a stylish addition to your current living room furniture.

Whether you choose to recover a sofa and loveseat duo, or you are just looking to turn one chair into a centerpiece, custom slipcovers can help you keep the comfort of your current furniture while giving it a new look. If you are looking for additional interior decorating ideas, feel free to get in touch with us today.



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