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Luxury Home - interior design tips to increase the value of your home

When you’re deciding on the interior design of your home, it’s important to create a space that you’re comfortable with and that increases the value of your home. Attractive interior design requires balance, cohesion, and an understanding of the elements that go into a space. Knowing how to achieve what you want without sacrificing aesthetically pleasing design […] Read more...

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manor house with gorgeous decorating

This is a project that one of our accredited interior designers, Judi, is working on, and it’s really beautiful. This is one of the Austrian-style balloon shades: It’s considered Austrian-style because of the way the fabric gathers. And here are some more pictures of the project: And these gorgeous yellow draperies are simple and clean, […] Read more...

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Marietta, an accredited designer at Alexander Blank Fabrics and Design planned the layout of the spaces pictured below, and assisted the homeowner in picking out and upholstering the furniture. Here are a few pictures of the dining room and living room in this beautifully decorated home in Baltimore: Read more about Marietta and our other […] Read more...

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