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learn about sofa shapes

For all you designers out there, you probably already know the names of various sofa shapes, but for anyone else who might not know how to refer to the sofa they’re currently obsessing over or dreaming about, this will help: _______________________________________ Cabriole Sofa Vibe: French sitting room; dainty and proper. Traits: Exposed wood frame, often carved. Back […] Read more...

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We found Tricia in the showroom extra early today, and she was basically going completely crazy. We said, “Tricia, what’s going on? You look so excited!” She said… Our showroom has never looked better! I am crazy about all our new floor samples from Wesley Hall Furniture. They were purchased specifically for clients who are […] Read more...

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On Furniture Today, we found a story about Charleston Forge occasional tables and furniture appearing in broadcasts for the Sochi Olympics, and we sell it!!! Charleston Forge is American made, so it seems we weren’t only represented by our olympians!! This is the table: We carry Charleston Forge furniture, so if you’re interested, get in […] Read more...

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Buying custom furniture is the best way to be “anti Ikea,” according to Tori Mellott, the former decorating editor at the now-shuttered Domino magazine, who claims to be a “custom junkie.” You might be thinking, “Isn’t custom furniture a lot more expensive than places like Ikea?” It certainly can be, “but,” says Ms. Mellott, “I’ll […] Read more...

TAGS: Custom furniture in baltimore, Important things to remember when designing custom furniture

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