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For all you designers out there, you probably already know the names of various sofa shapes, but for anyone else who might not know how to refer to the sofa they’re currently obsessing over or dreaming about, this will help:

6 sofa shapes explained

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cabriole sofa

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Cabriole Sofa

Vibe: French sitting room; dainty and proper.

Traits: Exposed wood frame, often carved. Back unfurls into slightly lower arms in a continuous line. No back cushions.

Trivia: Cabriole legs often reference the limbs of dogs or lions.


chesterfield sofa

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Chesterfield Sofa

Vibe: 19th-century gentlemen’s club.

Traits: Myriad tufts for a quilted effect. Low-slung. Rolled arms equal height of back. Often leather. No back cushions.

Trivia: Purportedly designed to allow men to sit straight, so their suits wouldn’t wrinkle.


lawson sofa

via: http://stylusa.com

Lawson Sofa

Vibe: American casual; coziness first.

Traits: Firmly stuffed, with three back cushions. Arms lower than back; can be either rolled or square. Often skirted.

Trivia: Said to have been designed for comfort-seeking financier Thomas W. Lawson around the turn of the 20th century.


camelback sofa

via: http://www.sheabrothersupholstering.com

Camelback Sofa

Vibe: 18th-century formal; upright and crisp.

Traits: Subtle rise at center of frame. Square arms about same height as back. Exposed legs. Slim and neat. No back cushions.

Trivia: Designed by Thomas Chippendale, whose name has become synonymous with this period in English home decor.


english rolled sofa

via: http://www.ckminteriors.com

English Rolled Arm Sofa

Vibe: British country house circa 1900.

Traits: Tight, seamed back with small, recessed arms. Soft, generous seat cushions. Generally skirt less and often on casters. Comfortable and Loungy.

Trivia: Also answers to “club sofa.”


tuxedo sofa

via: http://materialgirlsblog.com

Tuxedo Sofa

Vibe: 1920’s modern; sleek and glamorous.

Traits: High, straight arms in line with streamlined back, often with a single row of tufts and exposed legs. No back cushions.

Trivia: A pet picked of decorator Billy Baldwin, designer to Jackie O. and Diana Vreeland.

Now you know how to refer to your favorite sofa shapes, and for that quick anecdote, refer to the trivia part of the different sofas!!

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