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When it comes to choosing blinds for your windows, you may think the best option is just choosing generic vinyl blinds that go with everything. Let us at Alexander Blank Fabrics and Design show you why custom blinds are actually the superior choice. Custom blinds are great for giving you the light control and privacy […] Read more...

Ambiance, a totally appropriate name for Stroheim’s new collection! Emphasis on new! This is a fresh, fashion forward direction that is very atmospheric. Fresh textures, fresh patterns, fresh color palettes. This collection is so amazingly complete that you could use it to design an entire room and the innovative look you would achieve would be […] Read more...

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Luxury Home - interior design tips to increase the value of your home

When you’re deciding on the interior design of your home, it’s important to create a space that you’re comfortable with and that increases the value of your home. Attractive interior design requires balance, cohesion, and an understanding of the elements that go into a space. Knowing how to achieve what you want without sacrificing aesthetically pleasing design […] Read more...

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jim thompson's tiger tiger fabric pattern

Jim Thompson’s most recent No 9 collection, Tiger Tiger, is inspired by the antique, handcrafted rugs of Tibet. Geometric borders frame whimsical patterns in unexpected color combinations inspired by the motifs and vegetable dyed hues of these exquisite rugs. My favorite is the signature pattern of the collection which is, of course, called Tiger Tiger! […] Read more...

TAGS: jim thompson tiger tiger fabric pattern

It’s that good, believe me! These cut velvets are nothing short of……….incredible, amazing, wonderful, fashion forward and more! The colors are on point : hot pink, orange, kiwi, aqua! And then there are the exquisite neutrals: taupe, gray, black, chocolate with a dash of persimmon thrown in! Something for everyone. Ah, and the patterns! Chevron, […] Read more...

TAGS: Buy Duralee Fabric in Baltimore

There are many wonderful fabric collections bursting onto the scene right now but Clarke & Clarke’s Artiste collection is a clear frontrunner. True to its name, this collection of fabrics is romantic and painterly, appearing to have been created by bold brush strokes! Like beautiful watercolor paintings, these patterns have softly blurred edges. The colors […] Read more...

TAGS: clarke and clarke fabric baltimore


I am in love with Thibaut’s new Caravan Collection! This eclectic mix of prints, wovens and embroideries is fresh and appealing. The exotic flavor of these fabrics make them extraordinary. At the same time, the collection is easily integrated into the existing decor. Very usable while remaining quite distinctive. My favorite fabric in the collection is […] Read more...

TAGS: thibaut caravan collection

window treatment ideas

We just came across a really great post about ideas for window treatments. Here’s an excerpt: Whether you’re dressing up an interior to accentuate the views or aiming to lower energy costs, there are window treatment ideas to suit every style, budget, and window shape. Transitioning through the seasons offers the perfect opportunity to update or modify current window coverings by […] Read more...

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